The Brand

In ancient Chinese philosophy, everything human take from nature will be, somehow, returned to nature at the end to complete the circulation of the universe. The concept of "Something Naturalism, Something Humanism, and Something Orientalism" finally makes UnPaired Design Studio alive.   The natural element, neon colours and oriental inspirations are wildly used in our collection.    
Original watercolour painting for Lakeside collection

The Silk

Inspired by the "oriental" idea,  we sourced and selected the finest silk manufacture from China to supply our material for the products we make.   Zhejiang Province (south to Shanghai) is the district where people feed silkworms and produce silk for over 5,000 years.   People from this area grow up with silk and live with silk culture deeply in their heart.   We visited the area and brought the greatest product back to London to complete the whole story of our brand.
Silkworm is building its cocoon 

The Wool

Over centuries, wool has been played a very important role in human's history. It's warm, breathable and durable. To celebrate this goddess natural fiber we sourced the finest merino wool from Mongolian area to blend with our silks and cashmere. It makes our scarves extra warm to give you a cozy wrap around during the coldest season.
Sheep in Inner Mongolia

The Cashmere

Thanks to the incredible high-technology development in the 21st century, we proudly bring to you our genetically bred cashmere goat. In our supplier's lab in the University of Inner Mongolia, China, they used the highest genetic technology to breed Mongolian cashmere goat over the past decades to let these aesthetic creatures happier in the field and grow their hair even finer and longer. We always make sure the raw cashmere blended into our scarves are under 15uM thin to get their luxurious feather light weight, buttery soft touch, and ultra breathable warmth.
Genetic bred Cashmere Goat in the field
We spend most of our time and energy for good design and to achieve high quality.  We take all kind advice and suggestion into serious concern.  Email us at customer.services@unpaireddesign.com to let us know your thoughts.
UnPaired Design Studio is corporate with UPDS LONDON LTD. 
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